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Our website migration service is structured to reduce the risks in managing a website migration and includes a 5-stage, 40-point checklist covering the key considerations in migrating a website.


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Performance Assessment


Pre-launch Assessment


Launch-day Assessment


Post-launch Assessment

When moving a website to a new CMS or switching domains, one of the biggest priorities should be preserving website traffic through a migration, especially for businesses that have previously invested in SEO.

However, with business owners and marketing managers likely focused on the creation of content and populating a website CMS, important considerations around website migrations are often left to web developers with little or no SEO experience, or in the worst-case, totally overlooked.

By following the correct process and planning a website migration ahead of time, it will often provide valuable insights into search engine optimisation issues with a current site and the opportunity to remedy the identified issues within a new website.

During a migration, important consideration should be given to URL structure, information architecture and internal linking. Further to this, the preservation of hard-earned external backlinks is key, and should be considered from both a content preservation perspective, and during the creation of the redirect map.

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