Display Advertising

There are different types of adverts that are useful for different goals.  Display adverts show on other people’s websites.  Traditionally known as banner adverts, display advertising has grown to become a very flexible advert type. These types of adverts are great for visually displaying your brand across multiple websites which in turn amounts to thousands of advert impressions.  

Display advertising can be used to:

Generate awareness

Increase Sales

Drive Loyalty

Google Display Network is the largest display network in the world reaching 90% of internet users.  This network is also used by Google to deliver other types of advertising such as video ads. The Google Network extends to Youtube, so all these ad types can also be seen there.

Display advertising is also great for something called Remarketing which is when you show your adverts to people who have already visited your website.  Display adverts can be shown to the people who have not completed a form or who have added something to the shopping cart but left before purchasing.

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