Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of using data to create & distribute highly relevant content that engages and promotes affinity within a target demographic, driving a pre-defined action or outcome.

Defining the Campaign Objective

The first consideration in planning a content marketing campaign should be to clearly define the campaign objective. Most commonly, content marketing is used to increase revenue by driving online sales, although it can also be used as a highly effective tool for building ‘organic’ backlinks, improving website performance and sales over time.

Identifying the Target Demographic

Of primary importance in developing a content marketing strategy, is identifying the correct target demographic and thoroughly researching their traits. This research should not only provide enough data to identify trends in relation to age, gender, geographical location, favoured browsing method and content affinity, it should also allow the business to identify their primary, secondary and tertiary buyer types, often referred to as personas.

Developing the Primary Persona

By conducting further research, it is then possible to build up a detailed picture of each persona that identifies the channels they likely prefer, the content topics they likely prefer, and a list of seed keywords and search terms around each of the preferred topics. Each of these insights should then be used to refine the content marketing strategy by identifying a primary persona and associated considerations around content distribution, content topics and associated keyword research.

Considering Content Distribution

After defining the primary persona, the first consideration is content distribution. By using the previous research, it should be possible to form a list of channels on which to distribute the content ensuring maximum exposure in front of the target demographic.

Considering Content Topics

Following this, the next consideration is content topic. By using the previous research, it should be possible to form a list of content topics that are important to the target demographic. These topics can then be further refined based upon their relevance to the business and the campaign objective.

Keyword Research

After refining the content topics, the next consideration is keyword research. By using the previous research, into seed keywords and search terms around the refined content topics, it should be possible to perform comprehensive keyword research around each of the refined topics.

Content Creation

Following the keyword research, the next consideration is content creation. By utilising the keyword research and by understanding the target demographic’s preferred channels, it should be possible to create engaging content that creates affinity and relates to the original objective.

Content Distribution

After creating the content, the final step is content placement. This can vary based upon the target demographic but usually relies on a combination of social media promotion and outreach to ensure that the aims of the project objective are met.

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