Keyword Research

A critical component of any digital strategy is making sure you target relevant keywords that drive traffic to your website. These keywords and phrases need to be in the ‘goldilocks’ zone!

What do we mean by that?

? If you are too specific there will not be enough traffic

? If you are two generic the traffic may be irrelevant

Keywords need to be somewhere in between.

All digital strategies should be based on a solid foundation of keyword research and it’s one of the most important areas that is overlooked by many digital agencies. 

Instead of focusing on fluff and peripheral documentation we prefer to spend our time on the things that will become a solid bedrock for your company.

Spending time on Keyword research allows us to start moving in the right direction from the outset.  Getting this wrong can mean a re-evaluation and change of direction after many months of poor traffic and poor sales.  Trust Digital like to get this right first time, we involve our clients throughout the process to make sure we utilise their specialist knowledge of their marketplace and industry.

Keyword research can differ depending on the context of the promotional vehicle.  Website keyword research is used to help search engines like Google categorise your website in the search listings.  This is a different to Keyword research for a paid advertising campaign which can be both specific and generic at the same time.

Website Keyword research focus must be analysed page by page in order to stop certain pages monopolising traffic for unrelated terms and bring customers to the most relevant page that will aid in their user experience.  

Talk to Trust Digital about your website’s keyword research foundations and start gaining from our expert guidance today.

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