Facebook Advertising

With 2.41 Billion active users around the globe, you could say Facebook is quite popular.  Facebook has been working to monetise its strong position as the world’s No.1 social space, and this means adverts.

Targeting your customers with Facebook is very accurate as Facebook know more about you than any other website!  Because they hold all this data it allows your business to use that information and exactly target potential customers.

There are many different formats for Facebook advertising.  As well as text adverts, Facebook can also help you advertise product feeds if you have a large product range. So Ecommerce is something that Facebook supports, but understanding who your customer is, is a vital first step to starting an advertising campaign.  That is where Trust Digital excel. We can help you narrow down your customer target base and build you an effective advertising campaign for success on Facebook. Once the campaign is established we can manage and optimise the campaign to push your profits and generate positive revenues for your company.

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