Remarketing is all about reconnecting with previous visitors to your website.  You can place your adverts in front of this specific group of people when they are using Google properties such as Google search results.  This is a great way to remind people of your brand and to re-engage them with your website.

There are various ways to re-engage your audience, through:

Display advertising

Show adverts to your previous visitors

Dynamic remarketing

Show your audience the product they were previously looking at

Search Advertising

Show text adverts to your audience as they conduct follow up searches in Google

Video remarketing

Show your adverts to people who have previously seen your youtube adverts or youtube channel

Customer Lists

Upload your customers contact information and show adverts to these people when they are signed into their Google accounts

Remarketing is a simple but effective way to re-engage with your customers.  Whether you are wanting to highlight the latest sale promotion to past customers; to entice people who have not purchased from you; or to tempt customers who added items to your basket; remarketing is an essential way to energise your potential customer base and increase engagement and sales.

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