Digital Performance Audit

When potential clients engage with us we like to start with a snapshot of where they currently are.  This starts with a 6 stage digital performance audit which enables us to understand our clients potential and where they currently sit in the digital world.  This allows us to identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and give us a roadmap to help them achieve their goals.

The report is popular with our clients and contains the following 6 components:

1. Keyword Research Report

This report analyses current and new target keyword phrases for your website.  We highlight areas for improvment that lead to increased visibility and increased traffic.

2. Analytics Tracking Audit

The reports highlights the lead/sales tracking methods and any issues that may be hindering performance

3. PPC Account Analysis

Either an analysis of your current PPC account with a view on effectiveness and potential, OR a PPC account feasibility report if no account exists

4. SEO Technical Analysis Report

A 200+ point health check of your website, looking for strengths and weaknesses

5. Google Search Console Report

A report detailing the issues Google have with your website.  As Google dominates the search business in the UK, we want them to love your website, so listening to what they have found out about it is essential

6. Rank Tracking Report

This snapshot report will show you where you currently rank in Google for your relevant keyword phrases.

Our Digital Performance Audit will give us a rounded idea of where you currently stand in the digital world and where Trust Digital can take you!

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