PPC Account Audit

Many people that approach us with a PPC account are often spending thousands of pounds per month on advertising. What they need to know is if their investment is actually working for them and can it be improved. In most cases the answer is yes. But understanding how to optimise an account takes many years experience. First things first, we need to conduct a PPC account audit, with this we give you a snapshot of your current position and then provide you with advice and methods to help your company make more from your advertising budget.  

While doing these audits we usually find ways to save our clients money, enough in fact to pay for our services.  To do this, engage us and let us analyse your account.  

A PPC account audit from Trust Digital is very thorough.  Our audit check list checks the following components of your account:

✓ Conversion & Tracking
✓ Budget Allocation
✓ Geographic Targeting
✓ Remarketing
✓ Type of account
✓ Bid Strategy
✓ Delivery Method
✓ Ad Scheduling
✓ Ad Rotation
✓ App Extensions
✓ Shopping Campaign analysis

✓ Device Targeting
✓ Network Targeting
✓ Account History
✓ Keyword Targeting
✓ Keyword Match Types
✓ Search Term analysis
✓ Negative Keywords
✓ Quality Score
✓ Page Relevance
✓ Review Extensions
✓ Audience & Demographic targeting

✓ Account Structure
✓ Ad Group Analysis
✓ Ad Copy Analysis
✓ Sitelinks Extensions
✓ Callout Extensions
✓ Call Extensions
✓ Message Extensions
✓ Location Extensions
✓ Price Extensions
✓ Campaign Settings
✓ Structured Snippet Extensions

Once we have analysed these areas we will give you an account summary and our account recommendations.  You will find out if your account is being run efficiently and if and where it can be improved upon.

A PPC account analysis comes as part of our Digital Performance Audit, for more information please review our Digital Performance Audit page

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