Maximising Conversion Value

James Hollands

Director at Trust Digital Ltd.

If you didn’t know already there is a new smart bidding strategy.  There are many different ways to optimise a Google Adwords campaign including optimised for conversions.  Well now, after a sneak peak at Google Marketing live earlier in the year, Google have made this strategy available.

Optimising your campaign for conversions will of course require you to have conversion tracking setup properly reporting, either reporting a set value or a transaction specific revenue value.

We like reporting conversion values to clients and making sure the bidding strategy maximises revenue in a profitable way.  This new way to set up your campaign bidding will make it easier to people to get the most out of their campaigns.

To modify your campaigns to use this new strategy you can follow these instructions:

  1. Login to Google Adwords>Navigate to your campaign> Select ‘Settings’>

You will see something similar to the picture below.

2. Click on ‘Bidding’ and you will see the options below.  Click on Optimise for Conversion Value and click ‘Save’.


3. Enjoy greater revenue returns.  Make sure though that you understand your profit margins and if you are still making profit.

To learn how you can further maximise the profits of your website, contact Trust Digital and talk to an expert.